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Next Generation

For creators, by creators 👈 The all-in-one presentation app for creative troops and solo forces. Create, share and view ideas in an engaging and powerful new way. A design driven deck engine, that speeds up and simplifies presentations for everyone, with any content on any screen. Present hands-off, remote or IRL.

Dekks is coming this spring. Are you an enterprise with special requirements? Tell us how we can meet your company policy.


Born to perform. Design intuitively and keep your brand identity in sync across your workspace.

Share text styles, custom fonts, colors and brand assets.


Team focus. Kick-off ideas fast with reusable block injection and the smart asset library.

The smart asset library makes everything you create or add reusable, even text and slides.

Everything you need to collaborate tighter, create faster and present better.


Stop clicking and start scrolling. Made for any screen and any content with zero detours.

Present hands-off, remote or in person. No broken fonts, video placeholders and missing assets.


Ultimate control. Manage your team, control access and analyse your decks in real-time.

Quickly gain insights and stay up to date with decks that are shared outside of your company.

Under the hood ⚡️ Made for speed and zero bottlenecks.

Identities. Keep your identity consistent and your resources in sync.

Blocks. Create and save custom slide layouts with easy drag & drop blocks.

Layouts. Design flexible layouts for any device and every screen.

Controls. Simply admin your team, workspace and integrations.

Assets. Use the smart asset library to manage your content with ease.

Collaboration. Edit with your team in real-time or invite view only guests.

Merge. Import your slides dynamically from other decks for rapid creation.

Insights. Get real-time analytics about your presentation decks.

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