Adam Rodgers

BetaList’s Startups of 2020 🙌 Internet’s OG for discovering upcoming startups has selected Dekks as one of the top ten startups to watch out for this year.

Previous startups to be featured include IFTTT, InVision, Airtable and many more. All before they became the juggernauts of today.

BetaList is well known for being the go-to place to find out about new and upcoming internet startups. At the beginning of the year, BetaList likes to look forward and shares their list of the startups they have high hopes for in the coming year. We’re super excited that Dekks is firmly on their radar.

For those of you out there working on your own ideas and startups, BetaList is an amazing place to launch your work to the world. Bringing a great idea to life is one thing, but telling people about what you are doing and finding your audience is a major part of the challenge too.

In the spirit of awards season, we’d like to thank our friends, family, and of course all of our early adopters for pushing us forward with your ongoing support 🙏🏻

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